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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Darwinism vs. Constitutional Government

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence -- it is force. -George Washington

We, the People, have rejected a constitutionally mandated rule of law, and have instead capitulated to a system of the survival of the fittest. America's founders, most of whom were steeped in Judeo-Christian teachings and those of classical liberalism, understood that every life has value, and each citizen has a right to equal protection under the law. Sadly, our immoral citizenry has acquiesced to a system that judges a person's value solely on their ability to make money. As a result, our institutions of government, higher education, and civil society itself accept the domination of a tiny monied elite. Our fiat, debt-based monetary system is operated at their behest. Our government works to fulfill their bleak vision of the future, regulating the people to their benefit.

Whether this Illuminati amount to a dozen families, four thousand oligarchs, or a class of a few million planetary bureaucrats- they are vastly outnumbered and could be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity. We do not have to live in perpetual debt and servitude! The problem, it seems, is that most any person of even modest influence (ie. any prominent voice or salary) perceives themselves to be part of the power structure; a member of the establishment. This, of course, is absurd! It is a symptom of a godless society, where personal and professional success lead to an ignorant love of self above all else. If we accept the Darwinian concepts of evolution and the "survival of the fittest", rejecting God as the creator, then we will have no compassion for the less fortunate. After all, if the most powerful among us have an absolute and scientific right to dominate, then we have no need for any rule of law because might equals right.

Sadly, there seems to be no place for biblical Christianity in today's society. Disinformation is rampant, and the mainstream media promotes globalist propaganda and a culture of mindless entertainment rather than actual investigative journalism. Conservative talk radio hosts like Limbaugh, Levin, Savage, etc. speak the truth about the ills of big government, but they support the establishment in other ways: exhibiting a general disdain for the poor and downtrodden, and practice hero-worship of the police and military. The recent G20 police riots in Pittsburgh exemplify the drummed up fear of 'anti-conformists.' What is more threatening?: A dozen skinny teenagers dressed in black and wearing bandannas, or thousands of stomping storm troopers, secret police, and camouflaged paramilitaries exercising for war against the American people. This is completely irrational! And for what?, to protect a system that has already stolen our standard of living, and in our names created a debt that can never be repaid!

They use our own tax money to oppress us, bringing law enforcement from around the country as a show of force against individualism. Their tactics of intimidation provoke outrage in sovereign individuals, who can still think for themselves. Unfortunately, the majority believes that the robocops are protecting their interests. Meanwhile, their fate will ultimately be the same as the brave dissenters who faced down the wicked henchmen of the state: with their sonic weapons and chemical agents. You fools, it's like standing guard at your bedroom door while the burglar has his way with your wives or daughters!

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