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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Martial Law, troops coming to Chicago?

     For the second time in as many years, state and local public servants are discussing the possibility of calling in the National Guard in response to high levels of violent crime on the streets of Chicago. Could it be that a fully disarmed public are easy targets for thugs and organized criminals of all types? Well, we can be sure that the mayor will never put two and two together. Fortunately, there seems to be some healthy hesitation by the Chief of Police and the Governor. Read up on the Rand Corporations "Stability Police Force" for America. There are those in this country who seek to permanently destroy the barrier between the military and local law enforcement, in the name of quelling riots, mass demonstrations, and civil unrest. Indeed, as we all lose our jobs and our homes to the banking superclass- people are going to be angry! Will the police and military come to realize they are among the robbed, or will they ensure the wholesale looting of American wealth, the undermining of US sovereignty, and the destruction of our civil liberties?

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Video Aired April 26, 2010 - MSNBC Nightly News