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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Push Back the Tyrants; Restore Our Liberty!

When you step out of your home today, take a look at the world around you. We the people are guilty until proven innocent. Slaves in the land that our forefathers fought to free. The government takes our money, and leaves a fraction for us to live on. We spend our lives working to pay for a piece of property of our own, that the government can steal should we fall behind on our tax tribute. Now we are all succumbing to debt, and the state is becoming desperate for more funds to feed its fix. The public is being squeezed by an ever expanding police state that has been set loose by a small minority of sick elites.

Para-military secret police and SWAT teams dressed in black uniforms are not a sign of a free andb healthy society secure in its liberty. Millions of CCTV cameras, speed and red-light cameras, and other remote law enforcement devices have become as recognizable on the American landscape as the fruited plains.

The DHS and the Patriot Act were not created in a few weeks as a response to 9/11. Now, as the government anti-terror apparatus is turned in on us: the Christian, the conservative, the defender of the Constitution, the police are being trained that We are the enemy. No longer are they fighting TERRORISM (which brings to mind suicide bombers and frightening turban-wearing men in caves), they fight EXTREMISM, namely, those who are "bitter clingers" to guns and religion who are resistance to the inevitable CHANGE.

Note that their brand of change is neither democratic, nor is it particularly humane. Their programs of transformational change have been very gradual over the last 100 to 150 years, but their agenda is speeding up rapidly as our quality of life declines dramatically. I am willing to take on all comers in debate, but not to debate if it is really happening here, rather YOU should argue for the New World Order's agenda rather than ignoring its existence!