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Friday, October 9, 2009

Civil Unrest Looms; Police Abuse More College Students

The latest assault on non-violent protesters comes from the Rochester, New York police department, as several dozen anti-war demonstrators were met by another aggressive response from police seemingly itching for a fight. We are beginning to see a schism between American youth, who are watching the generation in power destroy their formerly wealthy and free nation, and the guardians of the status-quo. One brief note for those who aren't in the know: America's problems have nothing to do with the color of the president's skin. Unfortunately, young Americans will not soon agree on the size and breadth of the government they would like to see. But, we do know one thing: what we have seen in recent weeks in Pittsburgh and Rochester are not it!

I would suggest three steps in the right direction that most all of us could agree.

1.) DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT WHEN EXERCISING CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. We must stand together in numbers, armed with cameras to capture crimes committed against us. We must denounce those who speak of violence, and watch vigilantly for agent provocateurs. We must revive sit-ins, where our cameras can prove that protesters were subdued, and therefore could not be the initiators of violence. Any aggression against us in this way cannot be justified by the media.

2.) Support measures to audit, and then end the fed! Our debt based economy has benefited too few for too long. The private and run-for-profit Federal Reserve has been the ultimate good old boy's network since 1913. The dollar has lost 95 percent of its value since the Fed's inception, and the globalists have used it to finance their world empire and the military-industrial-complex. The Wall St. banksters have leveraged our very lives and labor in order to continue to consolidate control over every facet of society.

3.) Begin the conversation with representatives about permanently disbanding the Department of Homeland Security. They have quickly gone from securing the nation against Muslim sleeper cells, to calling peaceful protests "low level terrorism" (Google that one if you don't believe me). Basically, if you strongly believe in any cause, or if you are against any US Government policy, you may be a domestic extremist according to Homeland Security. The DHS is setting up military liaisons within your local police department. They are providing law enforcement with armored vehicles, the Orwellian LRAD devices from the G-20, and soon we may see the Active Denial microwave guns deployed in our cities.

As one lone voice in the wilderness, I thank anyone who faced down the state-sanctioned oppression and persecution in Pittsburgh and Rochester. It seems likely that this is only the beginning, as we know the New World Order has prescribed austerity and tyranny for the American people. Forget about Democrats versus Republicans. Third party candidates should be considered, but mainly we must focus on an individual's record. And if they have no clear record, FORGET THEM! We need pro-liberty candidates for local, state, and federal office. A nation without the Federal Reserve and without the Department of Homeland Security could once again reclaim the title: the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

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