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Saturday, September 11, 2010

To Our Liberal Friends

A Message from Libertarian Supporters of Ron Paul for President in 2012

Americans are deliberately (and ruthlessly) manipulated by the mainstream corporate media, and the super-wealthy interests that own it. No matter what one’s personal political beliefs are, the vast majority of us believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction. Indeed, the very economic, legal, and social foundations of this nation are being eroded beneath us, a process that began many years ago. Human beings are the most studied creatures on earth, and there are social engineers who exploit their knowledge of human nature, psychology, and basic tribal instincts to keep people divided. A people divided against one another are much more easily conquered. The amazing truth is that the vast majority of us want the same things: freedom, justice, prosperity, security. The difference is simply deciding on the best means for achieving these ends.
So what is liberalism? It is certainly a dirty word in Republican vernacular, and as such it shows deep ignorance by the conservative establishment. Classical liberalism was at the heart of the American revolution. Webster’s defines liberalism as “a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties.” Does this definition ring true when examined in light of today’s Democrats? Over the years, the so-called thought leaders on the left have supported a more synthetic progressivism, merging it with liberalism, defined as “a philosophy that considers government as a crucial instrument for amelioration of social inequities (as those involving race, gender, or class).” Obviously, demigoging issues like race, gender, and class is more commonly known as socialism or communitarianism. These semantic games have confused what fundamental American values are!
How has the fight for equality and social justice gone? Martin Luther King, Jr. never fought for institutionalized economic equality, nor did he seek for the state to intervene into issues of personal association. Many of today’s civil rights activists are very radical, and very well funded by the big tax-free foundations. Many of these groups are unapologetically racial by nature, and irritate for special group rights. As dangerous as these activists can be to social harmony, much more dangerous are the forces who seek to forge these groups into political weapons. Americans today are already remarkably culturally tolerant, and have come along way against racism. At this crossroads in US history, populist solutions are absolutely essential.
Unfortunately, President Obama has been incapable of doing the things needed for America to begin to sniff an economic recovery. He has kept in place all of the terrible provisions from the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and all of the Executive Orders from the Bush Administration. He has continued the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and expanded into Pakistan, Yemen, and possibly Iran.  Despite claiming to be the most transparent administration in history, he allowed the SEC to have FOIA exemptions, has fought a war against government whistle-blowers, and given more power to the private, unaccountable Federal Reserve. Obama has also given diplomatic immunity to Interpol, even when operating within the United States. He essentially allowed the insurance lobbyists to write the healthcare reform bill, and has attempted to make an end-run around the Democratically held Congress by pushing environmental regulations through the EPA! His administration helped to fight off an audit of the Federal Reserve, they have done nothing to wind down the too-big-to-fail banks, and have apparently allowed the derivatives trade to continue on in the same manner for the foreseeable future. The most outrageous thing about Obama is that when speaking to the public, he makes it clear that he understands why the people are angry, and why the system needs to be fixed. The fact is, he was a junior Senator who came out of nowhere in 2004. He had no substantial record to speak of, and owes his position to the special interests that paid for his campaign.
You all know that the Republicans are bad news; the sad truth is that both parties are hopelessly corrupt. If we are to return to our truly liberal roots, where our neighbors have opportunities for prosperity and our children grow up free, we must reject the international socialism pushed by the anglo-american political establishment, the multinational corporations, and the globalist financiers who have bankrupted the planet one-hundred times over. Moreover, if we do not retain our national sovereignty, we will have no control over our nation’s destiny. In simple terms, liberals care for their fellow man; I cannot be truly happy if my neighbor is in despair. Under the banner of liberalism, government has forced its way into virtually every aspect of human existence. Even if you have faith in the current political leadership, do you recognize the danger that we are in considering the broad scope of the government’s authority?
Classical liberalism is one in the same with libertarianism. Congressman Ron Paul is by far the single politician whose views are most closely in line with the founding fathers. Tyranny, in all of its forms, is as old as mankind itself. No philosophy is as progressive as maximum individual liberty. Many fear the ugliness that human beings are capable of, and rightly so. But what about the evil, corrupt faction who takes control of a big, powerful government! That is where we are today. We need a government as an arbiter of disputes and to uphold contracts, to provide for a common national defense, and to enforce the borders of the nation. But the primary role of government is to ensure the preservation of the people’s liberties. The unprecedented individual freedom that was secured in the American Revolution inspired the innovative minds of a free people to create the mechanism for true progress. American’s have consequently been blessed with more free time, more disposable income, and a higher standard of living than any prior civilization! Libertarian ideals beget a tolerant society, that until recent years had been the envy of the world. Ron Paul has a record going back nearly 40 years in public office. You will know he is right when the media demonize him, mock him, and try to induce fear in the public rather than attempt to understand a nuanced, yet common-sense philosophy, antagonistic to the Washington political establishment.
Finally, the Fortune 100, the Council on Foreign Relations, and groups like the Rand Corporation have crafted nearly all major legislation passed by the Congress in the last twenty years. Even well meaning bills that liberals support are full of exemptions, loopholes, and last minute riders. These laws have not leveled the playing field by any means, they empower those with the most inside influence and the most lobbying capital. The great mistrust of corporate America is justifiable, and just possibly, the means to an end. President Obama was elected despite his stated intention to “spread the wealth around.” Bush’s close relationship with big business was no secret, and many Americans hoped for some socialism, and for some revenge on major corporations. The fact is, these corporations today are our government, for all practical purposes. The real wealth redistribution has gone to the banks that over-leveraged American debt, and stuck us with the bill. This, along with the Federal Reserve system generally, is not the fault of the free market. If the justice system was willing, the bankers would go to prison, and the crooked firms would go bankrupt. Instead, these failed banks are receiving transfusions of the people’s cash to stave off economic collapse. If we want socialism, we will get socialism- with the same bankers running the IMF and World Bank as the new Global Fed. The United Nations has all types of authoritarian measures ready in waiting, that will become law if the Congress signs the Treaties. Research the final goals of the Club of Rome and the UN’s Agenda 21. That is your future! Ron Paul stands against all further international assimilation, and for the US Constitution as the only law of the land.
Just as it’s true on the other side of the aisle, the average Republican voter is not your enemy! The media opinion-makers work as a gatekeepers; not just for political candidates, but also to set artificial parameters for debate. Anyone who thinks outside the corporate box is labeled a kook, an idiot, or an extremist. Case in point is the public outcry against secrecy at the Federal Reserve. Virtually no major media figures were out front pushing for Fed transparency, and even fewer economic experts or financial talking heads. After the banker bailout that was TARP, the people were outraged at the bonuses and the inside deals. Do keep in mind that it was the Democrat majority that passed out the trillions to Wall Street. The Republicans, who are always harping on the budget deficit, decided to make their fiscal stand against the unemployed. Pretty sick that they will shell out billions for wars, but none for the people in need. Listening to Limbaugh, Hannity, and the rest of them, it’s difficult to support any Republicans. That base level of disgust and apathy is counted on by the establishment. The Ron Paul revolution has the potential to be the single most informed populist movement in decades. If we respect eachother’s freedom, we can take our country back, and have a real debate about the society we wish to live in (instead of letting the CFR have the debate for us). God bless, and join this revolution. No Fear (of government intimidation, media ostracization, or personal attacks), No Division (by class, race, occupation, etc), No Diversion (Save our country, Restore American Liberty, Learn the Truth).
If any one retains any hope in President Obama, you must read this article. The man has been groomed, and is a puppet. You have been intentionally deceived. The only way to rescue our country is entirely new leadership: Ron Paul in 2012!

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