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Monday, February 8, 2010

Socialism: the People's Tyranny

    The United States and the world are in the midst of the most volatile economic climate since the end of the second world war. Just as in those postwar years, today's elitists are delicately laying the groundwork for future generations. It is a sick vision, where humanity's mortal enemy is: humanity itself. The globalists have brilliantly created and manipulated the current economic crisis, and the general public (with a nudge from the corporate media) have focused their anger towards capitalism.
   Now, I am no apologist for the status-quo! Over the last decade or two in particular, crony-capitalism has become more the rule than the exception and much of the new wealth created is little more than accounting trickery and ponzi schemes (and so I would like to coin a term for today's American economy as Poni Capitalism). The average Joe (if he still has a job) has become more productive at work year after year, has had a stagnant real wage since 2001, and his employer pockets a larger percentage than at any time in the last fifty years (thanks for that increased productivity!). The wealth has stopped trickling down, and we shouldn't be surprised: what with tens of millions of illegal immigrants flooding the ranks of the workforce, formerly middle-class jobs being shipped to India, Malaysia, etc, and the wholesale selling-off of America's industrial capacity.
     The important thing to remember is that if we had the will, we could actually make some people accountable for this! (Please research Maurice Strong, Club of Rome, and the UN's "Agenda 21") These control freaks (and the politicians they bought off) were planning the demise of free humanity and the dismantling of the self-sufficient industrial base of the United States over forty years ago. With the passing of the Patriot Act, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the debt incurred by the US government has doubled many times over since the end of the Cold War. There has been no peace dividend for the American people, as the corporate fascistic empire swallows up the entire planet.
The middle class is indeed contracting, and the income gap between the rich and poor increases year over year. Middle class manufacturing jobs that just a few years ago paid $25 to $30 an hour aren't just being shipped overseas. Large corporations who as of yet are forced to keep their manufacturing jobs in the US, due to FCC regulations and the like, hire no new employees. Rather, they hire a permanent temporary work force for $10 an hour from the multitude of staffing companies who have sprung up as middle-men between the employee and the employer. For example, Motorola owns a virtual monopoly on the mobile and portable radio systems used by government and law enforcement agencies across America, and less than 25 percent of factory workers are full-time Motorola employees. I know, because I spent 18 months there hoping to prove myself worthy of full-time employment with the company. The enormous profits made off of that communications equipment, almost exclusively subsidized by the taxpayer, provide negligible levels of employment to the community in which it resides. Self-touted good corporate citizenship is usually proclaimed in terms of workforce diversity and environmental stewardship, not in providing people with good jobs and livable wages. We all know that business today is about the bottom line; not even "are we profitable," rather "are we above or below quarterly projections." With the exception of those of highly specialized degree fields, being a member of today's American workforce makes it difficult to desire to fight for the cause of capitalism. Unfortunately, that is exactly how the globalists want the people to feel: lacking confidence in individual liberty and the free market.
     In the West, as in all of the industrialized nations, socialism has led to an overwhelming bureaucratic tyranny, unfunded entitlement obligations that number in the tens of trillions of dollars, and an erosion of the personal freedom that created the conditions for the prosperity of the past. Today, the debt is (for all practical purposes) too large to pay back. The system of fiat currency and central economic planning has put the world's wealthiest interests firmly in control of the future of humanity. Although the New World Order agenda was well in the works before 9/11, the attacks were essential for convincing Americans that it was necessary to give up their liberties for the sake of security. The DHS is the mechanism for tracking, tracing, and surveilling the final resistance against the NWO, namely: American patriots, libertarians, veterans, and Constitutionalists, as listed in the MIAC and Homeland Security documents of the Spring of 2009. The political establishment set up Barack Obama to bring the United States into socialism; however, thanks to omnipotent corporate greed, even the liberal Democrats realized that bailing out the banks, brokerage firms, and the insurance industry was not socialism as they knew it- it was a reverse wealth redistribution! 
     Unsurprisingly, from socialists in Congress to the member of the worker's party in the street, "real socialism"- as opposed to Stalinism - is a utopian ideal that cannot exist in reality. Society, and mankind as a whole, will not progress as a species without the animating contest of freedom. Limited government is a key to an innovative and motivated people. Socialism is the exact opposite; a huge welfare state requires a bloated bureaucracy to spend and distribute the wealth. Those at the top of the hierarchical pyramid, such as the long sought benevolent dictator, will never accept being of equal wealth as the commoner. Moreover, those members of the socialist bureaucracy will always leverage their position for personal gain. It is but human nature, and so it should be understood that any benefit provided by the social safety net of the modern welfare state is far outweighed by the cost of losing the creativity and innovation present in the soul of the free human being. In America today, after working 40 to 60 hours a week for $30-$35k per year, you are taxed at all levels of government to the point where, although you do not qualify for any public aid, you will not live sufficiently better than someone else living solely on welfare!
     The globalists are in constant contention that American's standard of living is unsustainable; that we are decadent, gluttonous, and vastly over consume the planet's precious resources. Of course, I have never heard one of them state that they are giving up any of the luxuries of which they are accustomed. And so, the New World Order is not significantly different from the murderous tyrants of the 20th century. Given the debt the bankers have heaped on future generations, we will go into some form of socialism unless the American remnant can push off the yoke of tyranny. They will do away with the Bill of Rights under the guise of progressivism, tolerance, and equality. They will erase the sovereignty of national borders, turn all of the world's security forces against the pockets of resistance, and create a global middle class of subsistence-level peasants. Even if we can arrest and prosecute the leaders of the globalist cabal, the economic foundations of the entire planet will take decades to restore. It's certainly worth the fight; if we have the will.


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