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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Canadian Police State

The unprecedented buildup of law enforcement and paramilitary forces in preparation for the Olympic Winter Games sheds light onto the burgeoning police state north of the border. The Vancouver police have already announced their purchase of the medium-range acoustic device (MRAD), the somewhat smaller cousin of the LRAD used against protesters in Pittsburgh in September during the G20 summit. The VPD has assured Canadians that the sonic weapon will ostensibly serve as an extremely overpriced public address system. But evidence has already surfaced that the Canadian authorities are seeking to deny entrance to individuals likely to engage in speech critical of the government. Indeed, the Olympic Games have become little more than an opportunity for the politicians to have a grand gala (while enriching their cronies) at the expense of the lives of average citizens. Rumors persist that the homeless will be rounded up and moved to some out of the way place for the length of the games. After all, you can't have street people walking around the city. Nor can you have dissent in the streets while the whole world is watching!
If I didn't know better, one could conclude that Canada is in the midst of an internal military lock-down, complete with victim disarmament! The Toronto Chief of Police has instituted Project Safe City, which sought to round-up nominally illegal firearms that had expired registrations and the like. At the same time, the Defence Department has rolled out the new Canadian Urban Environment Pattern for its soldiers deployed to major urban centers like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. The governments of the US, Canada, Britain, and Australia are clearly all reading from the same script. Long established separations between the military and civilian law enforcement are being blurred, and unfortunately, the enemy is: YOU.
Out of love for the free men and women of Canada, Police State Watch will continue to monitor developments north of the 49th parallel. We must lend each other support in our fight against the tyranny of the New World Order. We must reject the corporate push for a North American Union, and continue to exercise out rights as free people- lest we lose them all together!

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